Historic Environment Record

The Historic Environment Record (HER)


Church Cottage

Church Cottage, Tilehurst

If you want to find out more about the historic environment of West Berkshire, the HER is the place to start – it is the primary index of the physical remains of past human activity in the unitary authority.  These remains might be prehistoric settlements that are buried out of sight or they might be comparatively recent upstanding structures like Second World War pillboxes.  The HER database has entries for nationally important sites such as hillforts, but also for more commonplace buildings like farms, pubs and schools.  Monuments can be as long as a road or canal, or as localised as the findspot of a flint axe.

The HER can also tell you what archaeological investigations have taken place, and what sources of information exist for particular parishes or historical periods.  Because new excavations and surveys are often taking place linked to development or research, the HER is always being added to.

You can send an online enquiry to the HER, or you can browse many of our Monument records alongside other datasets on the Heritage Gateway.  We hold collections of reports in our offices in Market Street ( you can contact us here ) and welcome visitors by appointment.

You can help to make our information better by sharing your knowledge or letting us know if you have spotted something out in the district. Click here to report your findings onlineYou can also use this form to report on the condition of historic environment assets that might need protecting, so that future generations can enjoy the tangible traces that connect us with our past.

Lambourn Seven Barrows

Lambourn Seven Barrows