Workshops: Kiln Carving

10 May 10:30

Kiln carving is a simple kiln forming process which adds texture and relief to glass. It refers to the “carving” effect given to the glass which takes place in the kiln during a firing cycle, using fibre paper to create a design, with the glass fired on top of this to create relief. We will look at the materials and techniques needed, kiln firing and precise temperature control, to create a spoon rest and a hanging decoration or serving platter, made from upcycled wine bottles

Starting with kiln flattened wine bottles and ceramic fibre paper, of various thicknesses, you will create two ‘positive’ designs, which will later be applied to the bottles, by firing. All this whilst taking in a brief history of the fascinating craft of fusing glass. You can bring your own imaginative ideas or take inspiration from the specimens provided on the day.

The bottles and fibre paper designs will be taken away to be fired, finished and delivered to your house. Materials and postage are all included.

NOTE: Due to the firing and cooling down processes involved with all glassmaking it is not possible for participants to take work home on the day it is made. Work needs to be fired and cool slowly in a kiln.

Tutor: Christine Wolfe, Allasa Glass

To book call 01635 519 562

(online bookings available from January 2019)

West Berkshire Museum
Friday 10th May 2019 | 10.30am-1.30pm  | £25