Choose Happiness – Meditation and Mindfulness Course

18 October 19:15

Each and every one us has the capacity to tap into an endless supply of inner peace and happiness. Meditation and mindfulness presents the techniques for training the mind that we need in order to achieve this.
By taking these methods to heart we can learn to choose happiness
throughout our life.

At this special event, open to everyone, Gen Nyingpo will explain the methods
that free us from negative emotions, making joy, happiness and meaning our everyday reality.

Meditation has many benefits including:

•              Improved concentration and focus in daily life
•              Less stress, worry & anxiety
•              Reduced irritation, anger & frustration
•              Greater inner peace & happiness
•              Increased confidence & self-esteem
•              Improved mental and physical well being
•              A positive outlook on life & better relationships


Venue: Shaw House
Thursday 18 October 2018  | 7.15pm – 8.30pm  |   £10

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