West Berkshire Museum Sessions and Workshops

West Berkshire Museum Sessions and workshops

The Learning and Participation Service offers a range of national curriculum-based (please request a session overview for more details), cross curricular sessions that can be delivered in school or at the museum.  These include:


The Cloth Hall: how did they build that? (KS1/2) 50-75 minutes 

This session looks at the reasons the Cloth Hall was built, how it was built and some of its features. The children have the opportunity to make and use their recipe for daub (wattle and daub) – disposable aprons will be provided but do dress for mess – as well as explore the features of the Cloth Hall (inside and outside) through a trail. Not available in school, museum only. 


*An Everyday Object Through Time (KS1/2) 50-75 minutes

Examining real objects used to warm the bed over time, the materials they are made from, how they look and feel, and how to use the objects – there are two activities involving a simple timeline. 

“The children were all engaged and interested and later said how much they had enjoyed the session.” Year 1 teacher.


*Playtime (KS1/2). 60-75 minutes

This session looks at Victorian children and the toys (real and replica) they played with.  It compares the toys from the past with modern ones and encourages pupils to think about how they are made and the materials used.

The children really enjoyed comparing old and new toys [and] they clearly remembered the toys the following day.” Year 1 teacher.


*The Stone Age (KS2) 60-90 minutes

Using real Stone Age flint tools and a mammoth’s tooth to see what they tell us about Stone Age life as well as looking at the role of archaeology in telling us about the past.

“The objects were fantastic for the children to look at and get to touch. The activity sheet worked well and allowed the children to engage with the learning objectives.” Year 4 teacher.

“A great workshop that really supports the history curriculum.” Year 3 teacher.


*Roman Britain (KS2) 60-90 minutes

Examining a range of real Roman artefacts to see what they tell us about life in the past as well as considering how ‘Romanised’ the native Britons became.

“Super hands on session to stimulate the beginning of our Roman topic – the children really enjoyed it, as did I.” Year 4 teacher.


*Rocks (KS2) 60-75 minutes

Based around the three categories of rocks and the rock cycle, this session includes a classification activity using rocks from the museum’s collection.

“This was a really good session and the resources were excellent, just the right amount and level of reading. The activity sheets were also good.” Year 3/4 teacher.


*Anglo Saxons (KS2) 75-90 minutes

This session explores Anglo Saxon culture and everyday life by examining the real objects on display (through a trail) and a small selection of replica handling objects; there is the opportunity to try on Anglo Saxon costume.  In addition, you can choose an additional one to two activities for your group to experience (dependent on group size and time available). These are: cord-making, writing a message using runes, making a saucer brooch or decorating clay with replica stamps. 

Please note: activities must be selected well in advance of the visit – no changes allowed on the day. Not available in school, museum only.

*Session/workshop involves object handling.

A session/workshop costs £45 (for no more than a class of 30).

The English Civil War and Home Front in World War I sessions for KS2/3 have been discontinued due to the permanent exhibition replacing the exhibitions around which each workshop was based.  However, if you are interested in either workshop then please enquire further.

For more information and to make a booking, please contact Clare Bromley, Learning and Participation Officer on 01635 519562 or email clare.bromley@westberks.gov.uk