Workshops: Introduction to landscape painting

19 May 10:00

Friday 19th May 2017
West Berkshire Museum
10am – 12 noon, £25

Gathering information

This workshop is equally suitable for the complete beginner who wants to start painting their own landscapes watercolours and those with some experience who want to clarify concepts and explore new techniques.

In this workshop, we will look at various landscapes in the Lie of the Land exhibition at the museum, discuss the pictures and draw some conclusions of what is it that makes a good landscape. As part of the workshop we will make drawn diagrams and notes to help us remember what we learn.

We will talk about the elements of a landscape and how to look at what interests us when we are out in the countryside, or the city (urban landscape) and we want to gather information.

We will talk about materials and how to record what we see in the landscape in pencil, pen or watercolour paint. We will practice various techniques to record shapes, paths, light and shade, and practice composing a picture.

What to bring to the workshop:

Sketchbook or paper that can take watercolours, soft pencils (HB or 2B), pens (biro or ink pen), watercolour set and brushes.

Please ask the tutor for some materials notes when joining in.

To book a place on these workshops please call the museum 01635 519562 or email

About the tutor:Isobel Self Portrait
Isabel has lived in Newbury since 2003 where she practices as an architect and artist. Her passion is watercolour, easy to carry around and sketch on the go and likes experimenting and mixing media to get interesting effects. Isabel’s work, whether in watercolour, printmaking or drawing is full of colour.  She takes part yearly in the West Berkshire and North Hampshire Open Studios and she is an associated member of the Oxford Printmakers Cooperative.

An avid sketcher, Isabel takes her sketchbook everywhere. Stopping to sketch allows stories and anecdotes to develop of which she is reminded of later when developing her work. She shares her sketches in her blog and also in the Urban Sketchers Spanish and London blogs.

Favourite subjects include Newbury urban and landscape scenes, Brighton piers, Sudan deserts and Segovia in Spain. Her work includes pieces from her travels in Australia, America, and other European and UK destinations.

This workshop is part of a series;

26th May 2017            10 am to 1pm
Landscapes in Watercolour I – Washes and mark making techniques.  £30

9th June 2017             10am to 1pm
Landscapes in Watercolour II – Composition: Sky is the limit. £30

16th June 2017                        10am to 1pm
Landscapes in Watercolour III – Seasonal moods: branches, leaves, colours.  £30

Discount offer: Book all 4 workshops for £100 (save £15)