Workshops: Delft Tile Painting

07 July 10:00

Friday 7th July 2017
West Berkshire Museum
10am – 1pm, £40

Delftware, also known as Delft Blue, is the charming variety of blue and white ceramic pottery originating from Delft in the Netherlands, with many of the classic tile designs dating from the 16th century.

Starting with blank, unglazed ceramic tiles, you will learn all the techniques you need to paint four tiles with your own design or pattern in the Delft tradition whilst taking in a brief history of this fascinating craft. You can even take inspiration from the original tiles in situ at the museum.

The tiles will be taken away to be fired, finished and delivered to your house. Materials and postage are all included.

The museum and café are open 10am – 4pm.

To book a place on these workshops please call the museum 01635 519562 or email

Tutor: Piet van den Beuken, Roelofs & Rubens
Situated in the West Berkshire/North Hampshire area, Roelofs & Rubens is a company in a shed, designing and producing handmade and hand painted blue and white tableware, tiles and decorations.

‘I believe it’s time for something more contemporary on the old Welsh dresser’ says Piet van den Beuken, Roelofs & Rubens’ founder, co-owner and designer, ‘and because of the blue and white philosophy – same blue pigments on all wares – our design ranges can be mixed and matched with each other and with the more traditional patterns we all know so well.’ Being Dutch, Piet admits that the much-loved Delft Blue of the Netherlands holds a special place in her heart and has influenced her to work with the distinctive blue and white palette, whilst her original and exciting designs bring a fresh Continental look to this collection of quality English earthenware.

Piet van den Beuken studied Architectural Design at St Joost Academy of Art Breda and Graphic Design at the Rietveld Academy of Art Amsterdam.

This workshop is also running on Friday 5th May and 23rd June